Data Exploration

The dataset provided contains motor vehicle crash data reported to the Denver Police Department within the City and County of Denver. It covers incidents from the previous five calendar years plus the current year to date. The data are dynamic, allowing for additions, deletions, and modifications at any time to ensure accuracy. The information is sourced from the Denver Police Department and is made available as a public service by the City and County of Denver.

Origin and Production:

  • Original Source: The original source of the data is the Denver Police Department.
  • Source Obtained From: The dataset was obtained from the City and County of Denver’s official website or data portal.
  • Production Date: The production date of the dataset would vary depending on the last update, as the data are continuously updated. However, the disclaimer mentions that data are updated Monday through Friday, suggesting regular updates to the dataset.

Data Collection:

  • Collection Process: The data are collected by the Denver Police Department through various means, likely including reports filed by officers at the scene of the accidents, eyewitness reports, and other sources.
  • Accuracy: The dataset acknowledges the potential for errors inherent in the data collection process. It mentions that data become more accurate over time as new incidents are reported and investigations progress.

Purpose and Intended Users:

  • Purpose: The primary purpose of collecting this data is to provide transparency and insight into motor vehicle crashes within Denver. It serves as a resource for understanding traffic patterns, identifying areas of concern for safety improvement, and informing policy decisions related to traffic management and public safety.
  • Intended Users: The dataset is likely intended for a variety of users, including government agencies, traffic safety researchers, urban planners, law enforcement agencies, and members of the public interested in traffic safety and accident statistics within Denver.

Below I have visualized the number of motor vehicle crashers by neighborhood two different ways.